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I have seen a few PGA instructors prior to seeing Owen but none have been as helpful. I am a left handed golfer and after receiving lessons from right handed instructors every statement always ended with "just reverse it for a lefty". Not Owen, on my first lesson he walked over to my golf bag grabbed a club and hit the shot he wanted me to replicate. He grips my club and then instructs. That was a first for me but it proved to me Owen is different and approaches teaching from his students perspective. After several weeks, I found that my range practice was not translating to the course execution. After discussing with Owen he immediately grabbed a cart and off we went darting in and out of folks on the course to play some holes. Once again he impressed me as most instructors would have given a pep talk but not Owen he showed me my lessons can be executed and it built my confidence. He accomplished confidence building that day without ever mentioning it. Owen is not about using templates to help his students. Everyone is an individual and he wants you to work within your swing. My arch nemesis is my driver and a huge slice. After using flightsscope to analyze my driver he did not try to reconstruct my swing. He reckoned that would take sometime and he wanted to let me start using my club with some confidence. He simply changed my grip and told me this would be uncomfortable to get use to, but if I could, I would keep my ball more playable off the tee. I am proud to say I am now using my driver without hesitancy. When I miss it, is a playable shot with almost 30-50 yards further than my best slice. I cannot wait to see what he recommends next. For those who like objective data my handicap has dropped almost 10 in last 6 weeks.

My enjoyment of the game has increased so much, not something I thought would be brought about by taking golf lessons. It was because of Owen. So if you want to change your love for this game, take the first step and see Owen, I guarantee you won't regret it!

SS - CCofMD 2015



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Golf Clinics at the
Country Club of Maryland

The Country Club of Maryland offers Adult, Junior and "Ladies-Only" Clinics. Clinics are primarily structured around short game skill building. Students will learn techniques for putting, chipping, and pitching. *Customized Clinics are available upon request.
If you are new to the game or want to introduce your kids to the game of golf, the
Country Club of Maryland offers you a pristine learning environment. All, "Ladies-Only" and Junior Clinics (excluding Junior Camp) are 4-1 ratio, so each student will get the attention they need to improve their game.



What is BioSwingDynamics?

Biomechanics is the study of body mechanics. It takes the laws of physics, mechanics, and engineering applying them to human performance. It relates them to the internal and external forces acting on the body and the effects of these forces. It allows us to predict the mechanical aspects of human motion and potential outcome. Dynamics is the motion of bodies as induced by external forces.
BioSwingDynamics bridges the gap between teaching, coaching and science. It allows us to take the guesswork out of determining how a golfer should swing optimally. It allows us to bring efficiency of motion in an injury free environment to the students’ golf swing. Through a series of screens we are able to determine:        

1. Their dominant power source
2. Their Natural Swing Track on backswing and down swing (shoulder, torso (right arm) or hip (shaft) Plane
3. Their Optimal Lower Body action (Lateral or Rotary (one post, or two post) or Vertical or a combination of each)
4. Their Natural hip speed (fast, medium or slow)
5. Their Ultimate Swing Type (one plane, two plane, or slot swing)
6. Their optimal set up procedure (grip, posture, stance (width, foot flare, and orientation), ball position, aim and alignment
7. Natural Tempo, and Swing Speed
8. Optimal Ball Flight, Shape and Trajectory
9. Their natural right arm action (on top, side on, under)
10. Their matching hinge type (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal)
11. Natural set (early, middle or late)
12. Optimal swing length
13. Ideal top of the back swing position
14. Linkage (front, center or rear)
15. Release type (cornering, covering or extending)

Mike Adams

Co-Founder of Bioswingdynamics

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