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"This is the first golf season that I was committed to working on areas of my game that were holding me back from achieving some of my goals.
I have been playing for 6 years with a high interest in the game of golf. I have achieved some local tours wins and showed promise to continue my goal as a competitive high school golfer.

I have worked with Owen maybe 2-3 lessons a year for the last 6 years and questioned my parents "how do I go to the next level"… Being out driven off the tee was a constant bother! Putting inconsistence and the occasional left shot got me into trouble..

Owen's recommendations were to start working together on a regular basis so as to better work on the weak points of my game. We started in April and the results were there (obvious), as I laugh joking with my dad all the time the video does not lie!!

If I were struggling on a specific shot or result, we would go the video. We learned early on, it is the indian not the arrow!!

I really like the iterative approach to building a better a golf swing, it is like working with Legos..Once the foundation is in place you simply add to it….But what I realized it always comes back the foundation. Owen's calm personality and mentoring approached has allowed me to enjoy the game more and more!

Trent Geritz - Junior Golfer CCofMD


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Golf Clinics at the
Country Club of Maryland

The Country Club of Maryland offers Adult, Junior and "Ladies-Only" Clinics. Clinics are primarily structured around short game skill building. Students will learn techniques for putting, chipping, and pitching. *Customized Clinics are available upon request.
If you are new to the game or want to introduce your kids to the game of golf, the
Country Club of Maryland offers you a pristine learning environment. All, "Ladies-Only" and Junior Clinics (excluding Junior Camp) are 4-1 ratio, so each student will get the attention they need to improve their game.




Short Pitch Shots

(The pitch shot is a short shot from around the green usually between 20-75yards. It has a medium to high trajectory and stops when it hits the green.)

This clinic will discuss the proper technique for pitching the ball. It will include discussion on club selection, pace of swing and length of swing. Bring your sandwedge.

Chipping Clinic

Can you chip onto the green in one stroke? Does your chip shot stay on the green? Do you know how far your chip shot will go? Do you have at least two 1 putt's per round? If you answered NO to any of the above questions you may want to consider attending this clinic. Learn the key elements to proper chipping including club selection. If your practice isn't showing improvement than it's probably time to learn a better approach to your method. Lower your scores this year by chipping it closer to the hole.



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